Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Learning curve

There's always that question: how can you walk in those?! (which is aptly followed by: how high are they?!) Most of the time, practice makes perfect. Sometimes it doesn't matter how much practice I have, the shoes are never going to work anyhow.

I normally would never go for the "make it work!" attitude, because I love my feet and lack of bunions. I also worry if I go that route, that the shoes in question will just sit unworn in my closet. I typically steer clear of pointy-shoes for this very reason (I find they pinch my toes while alternately making my feet look huge). I can't seem to say "no" to the Pigalle, though.

They flirted with me and wore down my limp noodle backbone until I said "OKAY!" and hunted down a pair on eBay in the coveted (to me, anyhow) Blue/Black Leopard patent. I don't remember how long I searched for these beauties, but they showed up in my size-ish and I set up a snipe for more than I really wanted to spend "just in case".

So I sniped, and won, kind of forgetting I already own a pair of blue leopard heels. Owell.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 in Blue/Black Patent

Fit on these is... huh. They were purchased gently-worn, but they do not appear to be completely stretched out. These are "toe crunchers" to be sure. These are a full-size down from my true US size, and the length is fine but the toe-box is killer. I think I would prefer the 120mm in a half-size down from my US size, and pad to fit. I have a narrowish foot, and they are still a bit narrow on me, so I definitely would not recommend these for anyone who has a wider foot.

Comfort is nonexistent. I only wear these when I absolutely know I will not have to walk more than car-to-door and will be sitting for the duration of wherever I'm going.


  1. CL is all about the pain/pleasure precept. No collection is complete without a pair (or 40). I say this as a CL virgin by the way.