Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Parts Per Million

This is a shoe blog. But my stocking problem is becoming bigger and bigger.

I posted about my new favorite brand, Trasparenze, already, but here is why they are so awesome. These stockings. SRSLY. I even have to go to TXTSPK to tell you how amazing they are. The detailing is so lush and gorgeous that these pictures don't even do them justice.

The unusual pattern in-lieu of a solid cuban heel is what makes these hold ups, honestly, but then there is the seam and the pattern and stripes where they end on the leg. They are honestly lovely.

Okay, back to shoes. The Nine West "Vishnu" pumps are pretty great. Comfortable, not too tall (3.5") and very elegant. They are perfect to dress up or down an outfit, and there's something really sexy about a d'orsay heel, in my opinion. I bought these awhile ago, after seeing them posted on MakeupAlley, but they are still available in various colors online (and cheap!).

Trasparenze Lerici Hold Ups, Nine WestVishnu pumps in black leather

The fit on the stockings is true-to-size. I ordered size 3/4, because I generally like to size up in stockings (I think they lie about sizing), but these are actually slightly big on me. The silicone (?) or whatever is in the stay-up part of the stocking fits rather nicely, though, and does not fall down despite the sizing.

Fit on the Nine West heels is large. These are a US 6.5, and I could have sized down to 6 even.


  1. Gorgeous stockings! I love the detailing of them.

  2. 以簡單的行為愉悅他人的心靈,勝過千人低頭禱告。........................................

  3. omg! I love those stockings!! I feel like I'm being enabled; do they ship overseas??

  4. lilflobowl - mytights does, but they are now OOS there :(

    the ciprea holdup is similar (except with swiss dots)


  5. OMFG i WANT!!!!!!!!!!!! except i can't wear holdups, they roll down my thighs :((((

    seriously. ridiculously hot

  6. Holy crap, those are the prettiest tights I have seen in ages. Must. Have.

  7. sara - i have a lot of problems with hold-ups rolling down, but these actually stay really nicely!

    goldenmeans - ty!