Thursday, April 22, 2010

I stand corrected (or, okay I lied)

Well, I didn't really. I did say I had a pair of Zanottis on my eBay watch list, right? Maybe he doesn't need stopped, just... guided?

It seems as thought when Giuseppe Zanotti puts his name on shoes done for other designers -- the results are decent. Like I mentioned before, the Zanotti/Balmain collaboration. I didn't want to jinx it at the time, but I also loved the F/W 09 collection with Thakoon.

I saw these sandals awhile ago on Net-A-Porter. The general response "those are interesting" (meaning bad). I passed because they were still too expensive, but they popped up in my size for considerably less, so I dickered with the seller a bit and was able to bring these beauties into my closet.

A friend once told me I was a "drag queen in an anatomical woman's body". At the time I was like "..." but I get what he meant: I'm ostentatious. I like blingy, flashy, sometimes tacky and gaudy (okay, a lot of the time). If it doesn't go with anything, I'll make it go with everything.

These Mirror Mosaic sandals are done in a rich black suede (even though I usually hate suede, it's a very minute part of the shoe) and with honest-to-god disco fabulous cut glass mirrors (not just mirrored material). At first glance I worried about their delicacy, but at second I realized these shoes could be armor.

So, without further ado, my "inner drag queen goddess" shoes.

Giuseppe Zanotti for Thakoon Mirror Mosaic Sandals, F/W 2009

Fit on these is SMALL. Net-A-Porter claimed these run large, but I find the length to be true-to-size, but the width narrow. These are a 36.5, and they will work with some stretching, but the 37 would have been wonderful, and it's really unusual I find I need true-to-size for open-toe.

Comfort is so-so. They are 4.5" tall with a 1/4" platform (if you want to call it that). These aren't dance all night shoes, which is a shame because that's exactly what they look like they should be.


  1. oh wow! those are pretty amazing. Definitely not for a wallflower.

  2. ah erin they're FANTASTIC!!!! i love them!

  3. I remember seeing those when they came out...they are *fantastic*, lucky you!! :)