Thursday, January 20, 2011

Black Milk Clothing

Awhile ago (perhaps on a blog?) I came across Black Milk Clothing. I was very intrigued, especially with their Sheer Spartans. I liked a lot of things in the shop, actually. I rarely wear leggings, though, and figured it wasn't practical for me to buy another pair (especially at their prices).

I also saw they had "wet look stockings". I thought they seemed really interesting and the price seemed more decent than their other items in stock. I typically wear heels year-round, and like the idea of a shiny stocking peeking out of peep-toes. They kind of reminded me of latex, without the hassle of getting them on.

I ordered, unsure of what to expect, and then a bodysuit showed up on eBay as well. I used my eBay bucks and the bodysuit was free (still waiting on that gem in the mail).

They arrived pretty quickly, and the packaging was great. The stockings are a little less shiny than I expected, but overall nice quality. I was hoping they would be warm as the website suggests they are, but I don't find them any warmer than other tights. I don't know how to describe them accurately other than to say they kind of seem like really thick dance tights?

All in all, I think the idea behind them is genius, but the finished product doesn't really wow me as much as I had hoped. I am currently trying to learn how to make latex clothing, so maybe I will fashion a pair of stockings that seem more what I was hoping for.

Black Milk Wet Look Stockings, shown with Forever 21 shoes

Fit on these is accurate to their website size chart. These are a large and they fit perfectly in the waist (but a bit large everywhere else -- the curse of being short and thick-waisted).

The shoes pictured are actually a pair that may be recognized by some. I did attempt to clean my closet of them, but I ended up keeping them. They are Giuseppe Zanotti knockoffs that Forever 21 did last year.


  1. I'm in Australia and I hadn't even heard of Black Milk. So thanks so much for this post. I followed the link and now want a few of their bodysuits... I wish they were just standard tops or singlets though... :)

  2. yeah, i wish the tops were singlets, too, but i think those might be easier to find elsewhere. they seem to be a really cool company in general, and have an incredible blog (toomanytights)

  3. Damn, I can't believe those shoes are F21.

    Beautiful stockings, too.

    By the way, I deleted my old blog and got a new one and i'm trying to get back in to the blogging world.