Friday, January 14, 2011

Goodbye Lover

New year, new resolutions. (reso-shoetions) I am trying to get rid of shoes that don't fit me well. Yesterday I did away with the first pair. It killed me, but I said goodbye to these beautiful glittered babies. They were hard to find, because Louboutin has changed the glitter on his shoes and made them a more refined finer glitter instead of a chunky glitter, but I am hoping I can find something like them again, or maybe try to DIY another pair to make them like these.

I only got to wear them once, to a theater, and I think maybe a lady was making fun of me to her friend about these (REALLY!). Though it may have been the combined tackiness of glitter and fishnets. In that one wearing I managed two blisters and a world of faux hate towards these shoes.

Au revoir beautiful pain makers.

Christian Louboutin Multi-Glitter Pigalle 70mm

In their place I made a non-shoe purchase, some gorgeous lingerie from the Figleaves sale.


  1. Oh, that must have been a hard sale. Let me tell you that the women laughing at your shoes were either jealous as buggery or had no idea what they were looking at.

    Like you I will be clearing out my shoe-drobe & removing everything that I will be unlikely to wear again or which is too small. Unlike you, I have no Loubs although arguably, this year I should be concentrating on quality, not quantity. There are some iconic pieces that I will be chasing including our mutual friend the GML serpent shoes.

    If I get them, I shall ensure that I do so in a half size smaller than usual & I shall give you joint custody.

  2. so sad! they are so pretty, it's hard to get rid of shoes, even if they don't fit. i just did that with a pair of shoes, and it nearly killed me also :)

  3. Oh revoir beautiful shoes.

    You are very brave. I can't let go of any of my shoes, not even the ones that hurt... They are like my babies...

  4. @gab - if you find those serpent shoes in your size, i will happily pad to share :)
    @mikaela - very sad! so pretty and a manageable heel height, too.
    @miss kitty-cat - oh i can't do the pain thing. ball of foot pain or mild toe loss of feeling, maybe, but blisters make me go buh-bye like THAT. i have some more to get rid of that do this, too.