Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I don't usually do much gifting (or gift receiving) for the holidays, but this year I got a special treat by receiving two of my new favorite pairs of socks. Truthfully, I'm usually more of a stocking girl than sock girl, but I think these may have converted me in the freezing weather.

Both from Sock Dreams, I am enamored with the quality, warmth and feel of these. The first pair is unfortunately sold out (but I think the frequently restock? it's worth an email), but they are the coziest ever. The material is incredibly soft, and very warm for how thin they are. They are a bit more transparent than I'd like, but the pattern and stripes distract from the transparency. A bit more wild than I usually veer towards, but perfect for sitting by the fire (at Panera, as it happens. I don't have a fireplace).

Love Lite Precision Tie Dye Extraordinary Tie Dye Stripes

Fit on these seems more generous than other over-the-knee socks I've tried. Because of how thin and soft they are, would stretch quite a bit more. Unfortunately, that also means they tend to fall down a bit. Other than for pictures, or when I made an effort to fix them, they mostly hung around scrunched at my knees.

The second pair has more stay-up power (because they are a bit tighter) but were definitely meant to be scrunched.

Long Cuffable Scrunchable Socks from Dream Stockings

According to the fit guide on Sock Dreams, the Seafoam color is the smallest band width at the tops of the thighs (as seen by how tight they are) but they are still workable. They stay up but I think they look cool scrunched down as slightly over-the-knee. Were I to buy these again, I'd try to get a pair made a bit bigger as some of the other colors are mentioned to be sized differently.

A convert, but don't worry - I haven't left stockings for dead by any means. I did pick up a few really great pair of stockings recently which I shall post hopefully sooner than later.


  1. Love, love love the seafoam ones!

    Also, I've seen some people add otk socks to their tights for added warmth as well...especially when wearing a shorter skirt. Sometimes, if done well, it looks really cute. =)

  2. @sybele - that does sound cute! and the seafoam are great and really comfy :)

  3. Over the knee socks are just fabulously cute & sexy on you Erin.

    Have you got a pair of OTK striped toe socks too? I looooove these:


  4. @gab - i actually can't wear toe socks :( i have all kinds of "space" issues with my toes, and not only require adequate room in the toebox for heels, but for socks as well. i feel suffocated/trapped in toe socks :(