Friday, January 7, 2011

What do $8 shoes look like?

I'll tell you what they look like: AWESOME.

I don't go to Gabriel Brothers that often, but when I do I usually find something pretty amazing. The shoe selection is sometimes really nice (I've gotten Theory, Delman and Cole Haan shoes there before), but it's hit or miss as any discount chain is.

I stopped by yesterday and the shoes were a goldmine. All lovely and cheap, probably belonging in Bare Feet Shoes, but I stopped short when I saw these! I think I had heard of this brand, Anne Michelle, before because they did a knockoff of some Louboutin boots I wanted (the Nitoinimois). I'm always skeptical of cheap shoes because they stab my feet, but for $8 I decided it was worth the risk and bought these shoes in both colors the store had. I don't know if I'll keep both, but I think they are pretty great.

All man-made materials, with "leather" on the bottom and a "suede" ruffle. The materials feel really great, and in walking around on carpet in them, they feel pretty comfortable.

The socks were a clearance bin find there as well, from Steve Madden. I can't think of a more appropriate slogan for me.

Anne Michelle Symphony 87 pumps in Black and Pink

Fit on these is pretty true to size. These are the 6.5, and while I have slight heel slippage, the length is perfect. (nail polish is OPI "Give Me Moor")