Friday, January 21, 2011

Snowed-in DIY and Cap-toe shoes

I've been sewing non-stop the last few days, and I'm almost finished with a DIY version of the Kiki de Montparnasse garter tank. I've been in love with the style awhile now, but I cannot rationalize spending so much money for what essentially amounts to a white undershirt with an attached garter.

Kiki de Montparnasse Garter Tank

My version isn't perfect, and it's not totally done yet, but for about $16 dollars (cost of material and notions) vs. $150, I love it. I still need to attach the garter clasps to the back, and iron it to make it more presentable, but not bad I think.

If you are curious about the process, I drafted a pattern on muslin from a tank top I own that fits me well, and laid a garter at the bottom to approximate this look. After checking the fit on the muslin, I then cut the pieces from the jersey material to sew. I tried this with muslin first because I had some leftover from another project, and jersey is a bit expensive at $12 a yard to just experiment with.

While I was out getting material at JoAnn's, I happened to stop by TjMaxx to see any kind of stocking and shoe deals. You know, for research purposes. I frequently see Tahari shoes there and wonder "do they sell those retail, or are they made for discount chains?" The styles are cute, and I would be surprised if they are only made for outlets.

I really loved this cap-toe style in-store. It reminds me of the Chanel cap-toes I lust after (without the annoying logo), or a new Louboutin style called "Mago" (that is the blue colorway, but they also come in beige/black and grey/black).

Tahari Laura Pump in Beige Kid/Black Patent

Fit on these shoes is slightly big. Pictured on my foot is the 9, but only because I didn't see the 7 until after I took the picture (I'm lazy). The 7 fit big, but would be fine with padding. The heel height was great and they felt very comfortable. They are available online at Endless, and come in black as well.


  1. I love a captoe!!! You are a heel wizard so I must ask do you think these would be comfy for someone less capable in heels?

    BTW, that tank is fantastic! You are a talented sewer!

  2. aww thanks jess, it's super easy to do sleeveless items. make me do sleeves and it's a bit tougher!

    i think these would be comfortable for a non-heel wearer, depending. they have a platform and i would recommend putting in a full insole for ultimate comfort! fyi they are only $40 i think at tjx/marshalls.

  3. I just bought these.... about 2 days ago!

    Big big hit in my wardrobe!!!!!!


  4. @chuck - they're great, right? i didn't buy them because i think i'd like the 6.5, but i keep thinking about them.