Thursday, September 1, 2011

The worst kind of sale goggles

So my life has been in flux a lot as of late, hence the length between posting. I did start a job recently I had hoped would turn permanent, but alas, it didn't end up that way. On the bright side, I found a job I'm very excited about in my chosen field (graphic design). I start Tuesday, and as a treat to myself I bought a pair of shoes (surprise!).

I think my love affair with rubber is growing, and I was ecstatic to see these Melissa x Jean Paul Gaultier stilletos on major clearance. The lines on them are so sexy, and the thinness of the heel slays me. From the other pair of Melissa shoes I have, I knew these would be incredibly comfortable, too.

Here comes the caveat. I take them home to try on and get more excited about my great find only to realize the pair are two right shoes. I called the store, they have no more and they are unable to track them down. So bummed. Yoox has them, but for $100 more :/ If you see them for under $100 (in either black or black/grey), let me know!

Melissa x Jean Paul Gaultier Heels

Fit on these is true-to-size to slightly small. These are the 38 or "US 7" and they are a little big in the back. I could have taken probably either a 7 or 6 and been fine. Now I just have to find them!

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