Thursday, February 10, 2011

Celebrity designer doing it right (or at least doing a good job of copying others)

Jessica Simpson shoes have kind of been on my radar ever since she knocked off Louboutin Brogues (I think she did a patent/cork version? I remember seeing them sell for serious money on eBay). I find a lot of the shoes are "inspired bys", but sometimes there's something unique.

The Ely pump caught my eye immediately when I was at Macy's checking out the shoes. Very reminiscent of Ruthie Davis shoes (which I've lusted after but yet to try), I thought the powdery pink with the black was stunning.

Endless has them in three beautiful colorways, but I still like the one I tried on best. Fit was true-to-size to my open-toe size. I took these in a 6.5.

I haven't quite seen anything like these Cheetah pumps. The look of exotics without the guilt (or price, for that matter).

Fit was true-to-size. I tried on the 6.5, but the 7 would have been best for comfort.


  1. those are amazing!! i never tried on jessica simpson before, but the other day I saw a really cute bag that ended up being her line too!