Friday, February 25, 2011

On my radar: Minimarket

I have long-admired the Minimarket zipper-back wedges, and when Outnet had a Minimarket sale, I was hoping to snag them. I didn't but instead, I was introduced to their bridge line -- Mini for Many.

There were a few pair of Mini for Many shoes I thought were cool, but my eyes zeroed in on these wedges that reminded me of "ones that got away" (Christian Louboutin Tigresse Wedges in the Zebra pattern). They were incredibly inexpensive, and I thought would be perfect for spring, so I took a chance.

In the order (which I also ordered a Mini for Many skirt -- which ran REALLY small), they arrived in the cutest bag!

Inside the bag was a pair of the most adorable cotton-canvas wedges, and I was even more excited upon seeing them on!

Mini for Many Cotton-Canvas striped Wedges

Fit on these is large. I followed Outnet's sizing advice and ordered down. These are a 36, and the length and width of them is perfect. They are incredibly comfortable, and I cannot wait for this weather to pass so I can wear them!


  1. Those are so so cute! And I love the shoebag that came with them. I have an irrational interest in bags for bags and shoes. I like that they feel like freebies maybe?

  2. Wedges are going to be BIG in many ways this year with all the flares & 70s styles coming back in.

    For some reason I see you wearing something more ladylike with these though. As always, I'm looking forward to seeing what you wear with them.

  3. @jess - yeah i'm into the bags that come with shoes and bags, too! i agree they feel like freebies :) these didn't come with a box, though
    @gab - i'm not sure what i'll wear these with! actually i can see them with more of a bodycon type dress.

  4. I loveeeee those, erin! I wish I had seen them and gotten a pair!