Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Choos for you

I'm a shoe snob. Along those lines of snobbery, I've always kind of avoided Jimmy Choos. Not just because they are ridiculously expensive (though apparently less so than Louboutins), but because the styles have seemed a little bit... older, more staid. I haven't seen anything really "groundbreaking" or interesting from Choo, but the classics are pretty.

I was in Columbus this weekend, and as is always the case where I'm somewhere different, I checked out the shoes. My schedule was pretty tight and didn't really allow for time to explore, but I did happen to check out the Saks.

In general, I'm sad to say their selection was kind of underwhelming (though the service was excellent). Not a lot of the spring shoes were in-store, and the sale shoes were pretty meh. I did, however, see the perfect pair of python peep-toes.

I typically have a hard time wearing a thicker platform unless there is an ankle strap -- just because they get too heavy, but these felt perfect. Very lightweight and the platform and heel height were just so, that they didn't feel uncomfortable. I don't know that I could wear these for hours, but they felt wonderful traipsing my 5 ft area in the store.

Jimmy Choo Crown in python

Fit on these is true-to-size, at least true to my open-toe size. I took these in a 36.5 and they were great in length and width. I didn't even have any heel slippage issues that I usually do in higher heels.

I tried on one other pair of Choos, a nude platformed pump. Again, I usually have a difficult time wearing platforms. They are usually so heavy and combined with the fact that I am short and have small feet, they become overwhelming both in feeling and look.

Suffice to say, I was skeptical for no reason, as these also fit perfectly and the shoes themselves didn't feel like I was adding an extra 5 lbs to my outfit. The nude color was a bit too yellow for my skin, but not in a clashing manner.

Jimmy Choo Cosmic in Nude Patent

Fit on these seemed true-to-size. I took my usual 37 in heels, and didn't seem to need heel grips to make them work.

And you know, for fun, of course while I was there I tried on some Louboutins since my local Saks does not carry them. I tried on many of the styles (for fit, so when I track them down on eBay instead I know what size to look for), but only took pictures of one pair.

So here's the Lady Peep sling in glitter. I'm totally gaga over the glitter and gorgeousness of the shoe, but I couldn't walk in them at all. Pretty in a rickshaw!

Fit was small for open-toe for me. I tried on a 36 and I think I would have needed a 37 just because of the narrowness of the toe box.

FYI the polish pictured is something from OPI's halloween collection. I don't remember the name of it, but it is a matte black polish. Personally, I prefer shine. The polish kind of looks like I sharpied my toes :/


  1. I know what you're saying about Choos. I used to LOVE their styles and buy plenty of them, but in recent years, not so much. I do have a couple of pairs that I held onto, though, and they're ones that I'd NEVER give up. It's a little disappointing, though, because like you said, they are slightly less expensive than Louboutins.