Monday, February 28, 2011

Pea green with envy

For about a month I successfully shoe-banned myself. Then these shoes happened. I'm fairly new (and will probably remain that way) to Rene Caovilla shoes, having only tried on a few pairs (I do own those snake shoes, too), but their allure keeps growing on me.

So, back to the shoe ban. I still have saved searches on eBay, and this brand is one of them, you know... in case a good deal comes along. Interestingly enough, just that deal came along last week and I ended up winning this pair of vintage gorgeousness... for $17. I couldn't believe it myself, and honestly I still can't believe no one bid more.

Vintage Rene Caovilla Grosgrain Ribbon, Mesh and Leather heels

With my new green heels in tow, I set out to find a dress for them. Armed with a J. Crew gift card, I took advantage of their extra 30% off sale code (which ends today, the 28th) and found a pretty dress that seemed to match the Mad Men vibe of these shoes.

I know a lot of people aren't a fan of matchy-matchy, but sometimes I think it's pretty great.

J. Crew Leighton dress in Pine

I can't wait to get the dress, and wear it (provided it fits okay). I'll be sure to post the results.

Fit on the shoes is small, but comparable to vintage sizing. These are a 37, and they are fine in length but narrow at the toe-box. Because of the mesh front of the shoe, I would be worried about the integrity of the shoe if I tried to stretch them, so I do not plan on it. In general, Caovilla shoes are not made for wider feet.


  1. Everyone Chez Calcei approves not only of the shoes but of the dress.

    My husband in particular thought the shoes are pretty spesh and he claims that he has shoe fatigue. "I used to be able to admire shoes' he said 'but you've worn me out in that department'.

    Green shoes reach the parts other colours cannot reach clearly.

  2. i need to meet the entirety of chez calcei one of these days :P

    i'm pretty sure everyone i know is OVER me talking about shoes, and explaining why my shoes are amazing and awesome. owell, too bad!

    green shoes are great. i need more of them in my life. i would love to get a pair of green exotics someday. i just need to make room in the budget for that.

  3. that's a great deal! i love when eBay works out like that, since most of the time things go for crazy prices.

    pretty dress, too. Can't wait to see a pic of them together.