Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Clear as Day

Vintage shoes will always have a certain something that new shoes will never attain. Even if the style is mimicked or borrowed, it's something that's hard to completely capture. Over the years I've acquired various vintage shoes, and loved them dearly. I'm a hard fit for vintage, because they often run very narrow, but when I find a pair that fits me perfectly, I know they are mine to keep forever.

This vintage pair is fairly new, at least age-wise. I would say 80s (which is barely vintage), but I've yet to see another pair like them. I appreciate the velvet coupled with the sheerness of the shoe. Plastic has never looked so sexy.

Amanda Bamboo, vintage 80s

As with any vintage pair of shoes, these run narrow, but not so much as a pair from before the 70s. These are a 7.5 US, and I am typically a 6.5-7.

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