Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Well Played, Target

It's hard passing up cheap shoes. They look nice at first, but usually I know better. I try to summon images of blisters and pain to keep me away from cheap leather or pleather, but sometimes the pull is just too strong.

I first heard about these Mossimo Valonia pumps ($29.99, at on MakeupAlley. Someone had posted a picture of their outfit which included these beauties. I was shocked to learn they were from Target, and more importantly, were "very comfortable". I sought them out at my local Target and was pleased to find them on the clearance rack for less than eight dollars. Not sure I agree with the original wearer about the "very" part in comfortable, but I have worn them out dancing (and lots of sitting breaks) with minimal discomfort and no pain.

They aren't on sale online, but the price is still really good for how amazing they look in person. Definitely worth checking out in black patent, and the other colors available.

Mossimo Valonia in Black Patent, Spring 09, shown with Forever 21 sequined leggings

Sizing on these is slightly large. These are a US 6.5, and I still need to pad them with insoles to make them snug on my foot. They are quite tall, at 4.25" and no platform, but easy to walk in and moderately comfortable.


  1. Yum. There's something inherently classy about this type of black pump. They exude confidence, and that's always sexy.