Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Obsession, Confess

I fully admit to my shoe addiction. It's only a problem in that I want so many shoes, but like anything, I indulge accordingly with restraint. When the Miu Miu "Ice Cream Pumps" came out, I was in full-blown obsession. Candy-colored and positively delectable, I couldn't wait to get them. Sadly unable to swallow the heel height and the price tag, I settled for the flat version once they went on clearance. It wasn't settling, really, as their comfort and style made them my go-to pair fairly quickly, but I still lusted after the pumps.

Many months and daily favorite searches on eBay later, a pair of Ice Cream Pumps showed up in a 36.5! I was wary that they wouldn't fit, not having tried on the shoes, but I decided to bid anyhow and won. The shoes arrived in need of a little TLC, but will be making a spa trip to the cobbler shortly so they can get put in heavy rotation in my wardrobe.

Miu Miu Naplak Patch Pump and Flat in Rosso, S/S 07

Sizing for the flats is flexible. I have tried on the 36.5, the 37 and 37.5 and they all fit relatively the same due to the elastic nature of the shoes (but I kept the 37). Sizing for the pumps is only slightly large, due to the shape of the toe-box.

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