Monday, October 19, 2009

Kiss Me Tender, Kiss Me Sweet

Somehow I always manage to find interesting deals on eBay, but these I didn't find on my own. A great website, The Purse Forum, has a deals section with many a wonderful authentic pair of shoes posted for your buying pleasure. These happened to be posted and while the listing was vague, and had two different sizes listed as the actual size for the shoes, I took a chance hoping they were my size. I won the auction for a song and they did end up being my size thankfully (which I clarified before paying). Gorgeous black suede with bright patent leather lips... these shoes might be slightly outside of my comfort zone in terms of material and loudness, but they won my heart as soon as I put them on. And really, what better message to send out there than for someone to plant their lips where they rightly belong: at my feet.

Christian Louboutin Kiss Me Wedge, Fall 07

Sizing is true to US size, though possibly due to the fact that I bought these used and had been worn-in. These are a 37, my typical Louboutin size. They are incredibly comfortable and perfect to walk around in for hours.


  1. While I'm not a huge fan of the shoes themselves, I am very much into the message.

  2. yeah, not everyone loves quirky as much as i do!