Thursday, October 15, 2009

Well Loved

Knockoffs are a tricky subject and seem to keep coming up lately. I'd never buy or wear a fake, but something "inspired by"... well apparently I have and would again. Probably one of my most worn pair of heels were "inspired by" a pair of Miu Miu double-strapped maryjanes. The Miu Miu pair had a 4.5 inch heel, and were quite gorgeous, but harder to find and out of my price range at the time. When Steve Madden's line "Steven" came out with this similar pair, I quickly ordered, paying nearly full-price. I didn't wear them for at least six-months because I found them uncomfortable, yet when I brought them out again last year to wear with something I found they actually were quite comfy after being broken in. They are my staple black shoe that can be dressed up or down.

Steven Playful, S/S 07, shown with Wolford tights

Sizing is true, to slightly small in my opinion. These are the 7.5. I tried the 7 but it felt too snug with tights for the winter. They gap slightly in the back, but the straps keep them securely on my foot. I can walk miles in these shoes, unless some of my other 4" numbers.

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